All-women’s leadership weekend held in the best classroom there is: the great outdoors.

You know the outdoors inherently teaches you how to be confident and make decisions. Let us help you increase your skills with expert leadership coaching so you can show up as a leader in work, in your community, in your life.

Gather with fellow OWA women + Cairn Leadership Strategies coaches to learn the crucial qualities of communicating effectively, active listening, and collaborating for better results. You’ll do it all while hiking, camping, and navigating through the iconic setting of Joshua Tree National Park.

Sign up with friends or come solo. Your end-of-the-course bonus is not only knowing you took the steps to go further outdoors, but the expanded outdoor crew you’ll gain through a weekend of building skills together in the world’s best friendship-builder: the outdoors.

We’re excited to help you progress; we can’t wait to see where you’ll go.

This is your season. Go Conquer. ™


Women’s California Leadership Weekend – Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, California • September 28-29 • Click for Details

Imagine the feeling of being confident in your ability to speak up with effectiveness and clarity, and deepen relationships with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones through skilled listening and collaboration techniques. We’re right here to help you make it happen.

If you’re ready to step forward and lead in your life, you’re ready to join us in this course. You’ll spend the weekend in the outdoors, learning side-by-side with fellow outdoor women through the guidance of hiking guide, Lauren, and leadership instructor, Abigail. You’ll build leadership skills you can apply to all areas of life — outdoors and indoors — while leveling up your hiking, camping, and navigation skills. We’ll share in meals, discussions, and a beautiful session of sunrise yoga. By the end of the course, you’ll have a new set of skills to assist you in the outdoors, tools to help you forge the path toward your personal and professional goals, and a crew leadership-minded outdoor friends.

190 – food, tent, coaching + more included; details in registration page (button below)
165 – Guide Member pricing; register or upgrade today! (button below)

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