What: Red Paddle Co. 10’6″ Ride MSL

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Perfect for: those seeking confidence in the sport

*Note: No financial compensation was received for this review. The tester was asked to record her findings, positive and negative, when testing the board.

At OWA, the aim is to only publish reviews on gear that, after testing, is found to be beneficial for women outdoors. If gear is received from a company but does not pass testing standards, OWA submits the tester’s feedback directly to the company to assist with improvements. It is OWA’s hope that this process will help improve women’s gear across the industry as well as assist women in finding gear that stands strong in its purpose.

Testing Grounds

Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Review - carrying fully inflated

As the aspen leaves turn golden and the water temperatures begin their steady decline to freezing, I have one thing on my mind: searching out places I can still explore before the snow falls.

On a cool autumn day, I took out the Red Paddle 10’6” Ride MSL Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) to enjoy the colors and the water. I decided to bring my six-month-old son, my adventurous mother, and a little bit of courage along to explore one of my favorite high-country sites: Poage Lake on the Rio Grande National Forest, near Del Norte, Colorado.

This was only my second time on a SUP and my first time using an inflatable one.  I was cautious at first, but soon realized that the inflatable SUP felt as sturdy and dependable as the traditional style I’d tried before. Confident with this, I took my son out with me, though we didn’t stray far from shore.


Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Review - view

The Red Paddle Co. 10’6” Ride MSL is, like the name suggests, a 10’6” inflatable paddleboard and features MSL (Monocoque Structural Laminate) fusion technology covered in a machine-laminated structural PVC layer. According to the website, the process includes includes “fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the drop stitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand gluing errors.” In plain speak, this makes the board cleaner (no wrinkles or cosmetic blemishes), lighter, and stiffer at a lower pressure.

The 10’6” Ride MSL is 32” wide, 4.7” thick, holds up to 220 pounds, features cargo tie-downs, and is fully packable (with a carrying weight of 29.8 pounds). It also comes with a backpack-style carrying bag, a Titan Pump for portable inflation, a repair kit, and a water-resistant phone case.


Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Review - in motion

While researching the differences between inflatable and hard boards, most recreational SUPers described , both have similar performance in speed and maneuverability tests. Where an inflatable board wins the contest is when considering factors like transporting the board, the location where it will be used, and storage. An inflatable SUP rolls up easily, can be carried on your back or rolled to your destination, and fits in a trunk when on the move or a closet when in storage. Knowing this, I set out to see for myself if I could spot the differences in ease of use for someone like myself, a novice.