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Jillian Ardrey
Jillian ArdreyGrassroots Program Manager
Jillian, originally from Southern California and lover of warm weather and sunny days, couldn’t have foreseen as a child that she would come to love winter adventures. Four years ago — before taking up studies in pursuit of her MBA — she discovered her love for the outdoors during six months of travel. She was hooked; she has since loved everything to do with nature and the outdoors.
Jillian’s obsessive personality pushed her to dive right into the outdoors. It was here that she could be herself, be inspired, and push her limits. She now lead climbs, seeks out backcountry couloirs to ski, and has solo thru-hiked both the John Muir and Colorado Trails. She believes it’s not talent that made these things possible, but because of this obsession and love of human-powered adventure. 
Jillian now lives in Colorado, where she spends her weekends (and more) in the mountains. Her heart is fullest when she is helping other women fall in love with the mountains. She believes women can accomplish amazing things when they’re focused and confident in themselves. She is excited to help women realize these qualities and embrace their full potential as Program Manager for OWA.

Team Leaders

Hannah Schneider
Hannah SchneiderTeam Leader
Hannah grew up kayaking and searching for sharks’ teeth on the coast of North Carolina with a family who helped develop her passion for the outdoors. In college, she began hiking and soaking in the mountain culture. In 2015, she moved to Colorado and has since dabbled in the outdoor lifestyle. She loves to whitewater paddle, ski, bag 14ers, bike, and something she’s termed “trail jogging.”
Hannah is especially passionate about spending time outdoors, relationships, inclusion, and mental and physical challenges. She believes this combination creates space for both personal growth and cultivation of community.
Lisa Wilder
Lisa WilderTeam Leader
Lisa has a lifelong love of the outdoors which has only grown as she began to explore outside of her home state, Wisconsin. After spending four years in New Mexico, she fell in love with the mountains through trail running and snowboarding.
Since relocating to the Pacific Northwest, she spends her time wandering through green spaces and around glaciated peaks. She is obsessed with her dogs and eating anything pickled. Lisa has always dreamed about inspiring women to get outside to take advantage of the benefits it can provide!

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