Snowboard Freeride World Qualifiers: Confidence in Competing

words and photos by Elyse Bongiovonni :: The night before I competed in my first Freeride World Qualifier, I dreamed about tuning my snowboard. In the dream, I ran my hand over the board, inspecting the base. I noticed a delaminating edge. I peeled it back and kept pulling, removing layer after layer.  Underneath I could a see a secret message, hidden in [...]

A Remote Winter Life: Lifting Spirits with Splitboarding

words and photos: Glynnis Gorman When you live in a small mountain town at 7,000 feet with a population that averages around 63 people (and 85 dogs), it’s best, if you struggle with it, to instead find a way to embrace winter. The isolation of living in a remote location can be debilitating when no cars go by all day, people seldom come [...]

Best in 2017 Women’s Ski & Snowboard Gear

On the hunt for the best women's ski & snowboard gear coming up in 2017 at the 2016 Snowsports Industries America's on-snow demo days. Photo: Kersten Vasey   Our team spent February in Denver at the SIA Snow Show and at Copper Mountain for the On-Snow Demo checking out what's coming up in 2017 women's ski and snowboard gear. After four [...]

OWA Reviews: Spark R&D Women’s Arc Splitboard Bindings

Spark R&D Women's Bindings Tester: Lizzie Lauman What: Spark R&D Women’s Arc Splitboard Bindings Where to buy: Perfect for: frequent backcountry skinning and riding *Note: No gear or financial compensation was received for this review. The tester was asked to record her findings, positive and negative, when testing the bindings. At OWA, the aim is to only publish reviews on gear that, [...]

Injury Life Lessons: An Unexpected Holiday Blessing

words and photos by Catherine Slater:: Our adventures started 24 hours later than planned after the Manchester airport ran out of de-icer. As John, my boyfriend, and I sat on the plane full of Norwegians, we couldn’t help but be a bit embarrassed. Compared to the crazy winters in Norway, our English weather was pretty mild, yet we still couldn’t take off. [...]

Building Character in Quebec: Ski Touring Monts-Valin

words and photos: Lindsay Kuczera People interpret the word "getaway" in many ways. It conjures up destinations of surf and sand, forests, or summits. It means a fresh breath and perspective. And for some it means struggle and willing to submit to pain. When seven of my friends and I headed into Canada’s boreal forest this winter, none of us had yet [...]

Unstoppable: Backcountry Skiing while Pregnant

words by Ryan Scavo; photos by Ryan Scavo unless otherwise credited When my husband and I shared our annual hut trip plans with friends and family, we experienced mixed reactions. My parents and in-laws considered me a bit crazy and urged me to “be careful” and not "overdo it.” However, our ski-crazed friends from back East called the hut managers and booked [...]

Into the Backcountry: Jones Snowboards’ Halina Boyd

Photo: Moss Halladay Halina Boyd and friends while backcountry snowboarding in Japan “There’s nothing like getting [into the backcountry] ... and taking ownership of [it]," says Halina Boyd, a splitboard athlete for Jones Snowboards, when asked about transitioning into the backcountry. Photo: David Bowers Boyd started skiing as a young girl in Tahoe, California but switched to snowboarding when she was 10 years [...]

13 Photos of Outdoor Women That Will Make You Love Pinterest

Pinterest inspiration for outdoor women: It exists! Pinterest: It’s the app folks turn to when they feel crafty or have a nagging sweet tooth. For me, Pinterest proves to be a source of outdoor adventure inspiration when I’m feeling lazy and have set up camp on my couch rather than at the base of a mountain. You may not have noticed, but there [...]

Ode to Pre-Season Shenanigans (And My Sisters on Snow)

  Pre-season found me in my tiny kitchen, clutching a pair of skis like a microphone stand and lip syncing with my roommates to the 80's Pandora station blaring through the speakers.   It wasn't until we sang and danced ourselves into exhaustion, a mess of gear strewn over couches and shelves in the wake of our madness, that we actually got to work. We sifted through [...]