Paddling French Guiana’s Ocean Waters by Pirogue

words by Donna Mulvenna; photos courtesy of Donna Mulvenna with photo credit listed in watermarks Growing up in Australia, I paddled a kayak along some of the world’s most spectacular waterways. However, it wasn’t until I joined the crew of a pirogue team in French Guiana that I felt truly alive. Originally, I travelled to the country to visit my boyfriend’s family. After [...]

Hiking “The 50”: A Dartmouth College Appalachian Trail Challenge

words and photos: Katie Hake; illustration: Lisa Kowieski It was past midnight. I was so tired that the stars looked as though I was viewing them without my contact lenses. All I could do was concentrate on not closing my eyes for too long for fear I’d start sleep-hiking. My knees ached; I’d never hiked with poles before, but now I couldn’t imagine [...]

Girl Beta in Bishop: A Weekend with Flash Foxy

They waited, mouses poised, hoping to score one of 200 spots. Within one minute of ticket sales opening, the second annual Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival was sold out. Those who secured a spot would be on their way to Bishop, California in the first weekend of March to meet female climbers from across the country. The demand was high because the festival answered a [...]

Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival: We Grow Together

words: Laura Grieser. Photo: Instagram My voice wavered as I told my boyfriend I was headed to Colorado for a weekend of ice climbing. “It’s an all-women's trip,” I said. “I’ll make friends.” He laughed. I’m not a climber, and I’ve never expressed interest in climbing. But off I went, taking ferries, hopping planes, and carpooling with strangers so I could [...]

Best in 2017 Women’s Ski & Snowboard Gear

On the hunt for the best women's ski & snowboard gear coming up in 2017 at the 2016 Snowsports Industries America's on-snow demo days. Photo: Kersten Vasey   Our team spent February in Denver at the SIA Snow Show and at Copper Mountain for the On-Snow Demo checking out what's coming up in 2017 women's ski and snowboard gear. After four [...]

KEEN Terradora Giveaway

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Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival: No Excuses

words and photos provided by Kayleen Castelli 6:30 a.m. Bishop, California: The sun is beginning to light the horizon. I want to snuggle a little deeper into my sleeping bag. Instead, I crawl out of my tent and breathe a sigh of relief. Today, a Friday, I am thankful not to be at work. Frankly, I am also thankful to no longer be in a [...]

Connecting through Art: A Smith Rock Climbing Community Project

words by Meg Kahnle   As I hiked to the base of the wall, I imagined that the gravel and rocks under my feet despised mornings as much as I did. But there was anticipation this morning; so much, in fact, that my palms were sweating and my heart swelled with excitement. That day was to be my first time climbing in the [...]

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2015: Our Top Picks

The Outdoor Retailer Show: Two times each year, thousands of men and women who are passionate about the outdoor industry visit Salt Lake City, Utah to get the first look of what outdoor adventure products will be debuting in the next year. Brands show off their latest and greatest, retailer buyers check out new products, and media representatives (including us here at OWA) meet with [...]

Chicks Climbing: Women Crushing Colorado Ice

Sending my first ever ice route! You know you're in good hands when Dawn Glanc is your belayer. Huge thanks to Eddie Bauer for the Frontpoint 2.0 jacket I'm wearing. “Interested in ice-climbing?”  The post's headline caught my attention while perusing Outdoor Women's Alliance's Facebook page. As an OWA ambassador, no one should be surprised with my answer being decidedly in the positive. The post [...]