Home Is Where the Heart Is: A Journey Out of the Last Wilderness

words and photos by Ann Olsson :: There’s something about packing your bags and leaving a place close to your heart, knowing you’ll never live there again. This is how I felt in May of 2016 when I made the journey out of the wilderness surrounding Fairbanks, Alaska and into the relatively big city of Madison, Wisconsin. At that time, my husband flew [...]

Photo Essay: Havasupai, Land of the Blue Green Water

Havasu Falls at dusk. The stretch of waterfalls along Arizona's Havasu Creek in the Havasupai Indian Reservation are well known for their intense beauty and incredible colors. An offshoot of the Grand Canyon and part of the Colorado River system, the area's unearthly turquoise waters are sacred to the Havasupai people through whom it is said these waters flow. Lindsey [...]

Unstoppable: Backcountry Skiing while Pregnant

words by Ryan Scavo; photos by Ryan Scavo unless otherwise credited When my husband and I shared our annual hut trip plans with friends and family, we experienced mixed reactions. My parents and in-laws considered me a bit crazy and urged me to “be careful” and not "overdo it.” However, our ski-crazed friends from back East called the hut managers and booked [...]

Sand Dunes National Park by Sled

Words and photos by Kersten Vasey My friend and I were having our usual midweek discussion that revolved around plans for the weekend's adventure. Weekend at Copper? Potentially. Tetons? A bit far. Camping in Sand Dunes National Park? Intriguing. I had just moved from Boston to Colorado and was ready to explore. But it was November, that awkward time of year when the snow [...]

5 Micro-Adventures in—Kansas?

Adventures...where? Every time I open a map of the United States my eyes land on the state of Kansas first. Yes, it is my home state, but it is also right in the center of the map—and for a state that is centered in the middle of the country, Americans sure overlook it a lot. Many regard Kansas as a barren, flat wasteland that makes [...]

Rainforest Meets Cliff-hugging Beaches at Toleak Point

Hiking along the Olympic Coast Beautiful Toleak Point is located on the coast of Washington state in Olympic National Park. More importantly—for my inner Twilight fan—this is where the Twilight books take place. I can’t lie; while we were there, I kept looking for werewolves. While it rains a lot in the Twilight books, we had perfect weather for our trip. To make the most [...]

Snowboarding Swiss Glaciers: The 2013 Women in Board & Action Sports Convenes in Saas-Fee

WIB participants get a chance to try some longboarding in Saas-Fee, Switzerland Photo: Alba Pardo “More sun, more mountains, more fun” is the motto of the charming town of Saas-Fee, Switzerland. However, it also could have been the motto of the 5th annual Women in Board & Action Sports (WIB) conference, held in Saas-Fee from September 12-15th, 2013. WIB team kicks off the 2013 conference in [...]

Hitching Into the Scottish Highlands [Photo Journey]

I planned on traveling solo through Scotland; no schedule, no itinerary—just two weeks spent lost in the Highlands. But fate, as it turns out, had different plans. Before departure, my boyfriend called to inform me of Sara, his friend’s girlfriend, who just happened to be traveling at the same time and place. After exploring Spain for a year, I accepted thinking, “Yeah! A travel buddy [...]

How to Stay and Play in Denali National Park

Having visited my fair share of national parks, Denali tops the list—mainly for its wildlife and off-trail hiking. Dreaming about going yourself? There are many options to consider but a few key questions will help you start your research:Do I want to camp?Do I want to hike?How long do I plan on visiting?Getting around in the Park:Before we discuss the options for the above questions, [...]

Ski the East: Skiing Sugarbush’s Salty Side

"Ski the East" is a series of articles created by founder, Gina Bégin, as she tours from maritime Canada to the northeast US in a quest to uncover the culture and vibe of the ski community and areas of eastern North America. For more about this project, visit http://ginabegin.com . . . From the top of the Super Bravo Express quad, Sugarbush seems to go [...]