Squashing Helpless + Hardcore: Overcoming Insecurity with Women’s-only Adventure

words by Trisha Cloutier; photo (above) University of the Ozarks :: Have you ever wanted to try a new outdoor activity, but then felt stunted by the fear of being a newbie?  Nobody wants to feel like a beginner or fail at something. It can be a stressful and vulnerable position to put yourself in. And it can completely deter some people [...]

It’s Okay to Turn Back: Overcoming Shame Outdoors

words and photos by Anna Wendt :: How do you react when forced to choose between turning back and continuing on as you try to enjoy the outdoors? Do feelings of shame and embarrassment influence your decision, or do you feel confident in doing what’s best for you? If you do hesitate to call it, do you think about overcoming shame outdoors? All [...]

At My Own Pace: A Journey to Spinal Cord Recovery

words and photos by Aubrey Moore :: In a past version of myself, I was convinced of my own immortality. Other people got sick and hurt. Not me. I sustained some injuries and illnesses before, but usually I felt on top of the world. I was physically active: I ran, hiked, swam, biked to and from the grocery store, and did yoga.  On [...]

A Bigger Backyard: Connecting Indoor to Outdoor Privilege

words by Lynn Lieu. Photo by Kimberly Lieu Kulak Photography :: I was around 5 years old when I experienced my first stressful situation. I remember staring at the washing machine for the entire hour it ran. The hum. The rumble. The repetitive beating of the cycle. The anxiety that came with not knowing whether he would be okay. Then that final bzzzz [...]

Mountains of Mind: Balancing mental health through a love of adventure

words by Adrienne Pastula; photo above by Dave McCollum :: Of all the mountain faces to view as ordinary, I never thought I’d count the Matterhorn among them. The Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland is objectively gorgeous. It’s tall and chiseled, continually tempting many into climbing its summit. I frequently caught myself staring at photos of it with a fixation similar to that of [...]