“Yes, sure?”: Committing to Experiences in a New Land

A knock on the door of the Moroccan riad woke us late at night. Along with the four other women I was with, I was sure it was the final member of our all-women’s team, finally arriving on our second night in the country. As the other guests slept, we ran across the courtyard to let her in. But we couldn’t figure out how [...]

Defining Adventure: Thoughts From Biking in Wales

words and photos (below) by Joey Homes :: I wasn't having much fun. The sheep didn't talk back to me, and my body was hurting — a lot. Pushing my loaded bike up what felt like the world's steepest hill seemed way harder than cycling up. Yet my pedaling legs had nothing left for that hill. I questioned what I hoped to gain [...]

Touring Alaska: Finding Clarity Through Cycling

words by Natalie Coyne; photos as attributed. Photo: Natalie Coyne It was spring of 2013, and life was complicated. I was uninspired with my job. I went through a tough break-up with a man I truly loved. To top it off, my father spent weeks in the hospital, which was a trying and emotional time for our whole family. I needed a change. [...]

Risk Analysis: Navigating Mental Hurdles After Injury

words by Alexandra Pierce ::   “You had worse crashes when you were more hurt and you ended up okay,” I say to myself. Standing in the shower, I wrap my hands around the back of my neck. Water pours over my forehead. I repeat my mantra, turning off the water. I stand shivering in my bathroom, expecting to feel the familiar tug [...]

5 First-Time Bike Buying Tips for Women

words by Kayla Montanye:: When shopping for my first road bike, I found myself lost in a sea of lingo, gadgets, and equipment. I was unprepared for all of the questions the nearly all-male staff at the bike shop had for me. “Are you looking for aluminum or carbon?” “What size do you think you need?” “Do you want to be clipped [...]

OWA Review: CamelBak Solstice 10LR

What: CamelBak Solstice 10LR MTB Pack Where to Buy: backcountry.com Perfect For: Fast, aggressive mountain biking *Disclaimer: This tester received a pack from CamelBak to test and review. Before testing begins, companies must agree to OWA terms which state that OWA will not publish positive reviews or accept financial compensation in exchange for gear or reviews.  OWA aims to only publish reviews on gear that, after testing, is found [...]