Searching for the best women's ski & snowboard gear 2017 SIA

On the hunt for the best women’s ski & snowboard gear coming up in 2017 at the 2016 Snowsports Industries America’s on-snow demo days. Photo: Kersten Vasey


Our team spent February in Denver at the SIA Snow Show and at Copper Mountain for the On-Snow Demo checking out what’s coming up in 2017 women’s ski and snowboard gear. After four days of working our way through hundreds of items on the tradeshow floor along with field tests, we came up with a shortlist of what outdoor women should keep an eye on for next winter.


Searching for the best women's ski & snowboard gear 2017 SIA

Photo: Kersten Vasey

DPS Nina 99

DPS flipped the script this year by introducing the Foundation Series, forgoing their signature hybrid construction that resulted in a fairly high price tag. The new Foundation construction utilizes bamboo underfoot, poplar at the tip and tail, and unidirectional carbon in playful new shapes. Fortunately for us, this change doesn’t mean they’re sacrificing quality. While the series’ 112-underfoot “Yvette” is getting a lot of attention this year, the 99-underfoot “Nina” is a better choice for skiers who aren’t seeing fresh powder on a weekly basis. Still, with its rocker and float, it’s a versatile piece for the hard-charging female who wants one set up that can play on powder days, too.

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