You do.

Join our Grassroots Program! As a member, you’ll connect with like-minded outdoor women and access programming that helps you gain your outdoor dreams. Our community is filled with women that support each other in getting outside + actively pursuing adventure goals together.

Since 2014, we’ve used a “team” model to connect over 15,000 women in local communities across North America. Through activities, courses, and social events, we strengthen skills, build friendships, achieve goals, and break down barriers to outdoor adventure for women of all ages.

Expanding on our regional team model, we’re working to create these opportunities for women everywhere. We’re live now with beta access, building Grassroot Teams and Regional Areas across North America. Where our chapters aren’t (yet! :) formalized, we’re building online access for outdoor women to find each other locally, so they can create opportunities no matter where they are.

Using Outdoor Women’s Alliance resources, our Grassroots Program members form local communities of women who are getting outdoors, organizing events, hosting skills clinics, mentoring each other, and giving back through outdoor volunteer opportunities within their region. Teamed up with our members, we combine our efforts to realize one united mission: Using outdoor adventure to improve women’s lives worldwide.

It’s your turn.