OWA Reviews: BuBand – More Support for your Sports Bra

OWA Reviews: BuBand - More Support for your Sports Bra

What: BuBand (“An athletic band to prevent breast bounce.“)

Where to Buyhttps://buband.ca/product/buy-your-buband
Would I recommend to my best friend: If she was needing extra support, yes. It works!
Rating: 4.5/5

*Disclaimer: I received the BuBand to test and review. I was not asked to publish a positive review in exchange, only to post a review of my experience with the band. There was no financial profit for this review. At OWA, our aim is to only publish reviews on gear that, after we have tested, we feel would be beneficial to women outdoors.


I bent over my shoes, pretending to double knot my laces, while I waited for the group of college freshmen girls to pass me on the track.

“Alright, let’s see if my body remembers how to do this,” I thought.

Three weeks postpartum, my body was beginning to resemble its pre-pregnancy form. Well, except for two major changes (or one, if you count those two as a pair). Before pregnancy — to use climbing terminology — if most girls have “jugs,” I had “slopers.” 

Nursing my baby, however, changed my body in a big, big way.

I knew returning to running was going to feel intimidating, but I had to start somewhere. Feeling uncomfortable and self conscious, I struggled to finish that first lap around the track, and because of the changes my body had undergone, I suddenly understood why there are countless versions of sport bras on the market: Wearing proper support up there when doing a physical activity really matters.

In my quest to find that adequate support, I came across the BuBand, “An athletic band to prevent breast bounce.” The elastic band, made of breathable material, stretches snugly across the top of the breasts, fastening similar to the way a bra would. The video about the BuBand sold me.

Testing grounds

After trying to work on my stride on a smooth track, I knew I needed the solitude of the trail. I needed to be able to focus only on my movements, and to learn how to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

“Here it goes,” I said to Oliver (my dog), as we started down Utah’s Bonneville shoreline trail.

With the band on, everything felt tighter, more contained. Instead of feeling self-conscious and awkward, I could focus on finding my stride. Forty-five minutes later, I arrived back at the car. 

Success! The support from the BuBand allowed me to move freely without feeling constricted or uncomfortable.


OWA Reviews: BuBand - More Support for your Sports Bra

I found the fit guide on the BuBand website to be accurate. Although putting on the band is simple, the website has photographs demonstrating the proper fit in case of any confusion.

Wearing the BuBand was more straightforward than I imagined. The fit was easy. Initially, wearing the elastic band so high on my chest felt unnatural. I wondered if the snug fit would feel restrictive while heaving up steep sections of the trail. However, by the time I reached the trailhead I had more or less forgotten I was wearing it.

Although the level of support the BuBand provides may be unnecessary for some women, I would absolutely recommend the BuBand to anybody who hasn’t found a bra with adequate support.


  • It truly works to eliminate breast bounce.
  • The online fit guide was accurate and helped me attain the proper fit.
  • The band was easy to put on over bra.


  • Although the design is sleek, I still felt a little self conscious about how everything was squooshed under it.

If the most supportive sport bras on the market aren’t adequate, the BuBand might be your perfect solution. The BuBand truly works to eliminate bounce without feeling uncomfortable or constricting.

About the author: Brooke Froelich

Brooke Froelich OWA ContributorIf I go to bed with aching legs, a sun-kissed nose, and vivid images from the day’s adventure flashing past my closed eyes, I know I’m living well. Living in Salt Lake City, Utah, it is not difficult to experience this sensation daily.

Spending my childhood at the base of the Wasatch Mountains provided an opportunity to be immersed in nature. However, aside from fishing, tree climbing, and hiking, I spent most of my free time lost in books until I was in my twenties. After I graduated from college with a degree in neuroscience I began to uncover the true treasures that my local mountains held.

When I’m not skiing, I am mountain biking, climbing, trail running, and scrambling up peaks. My border collie, Oliver, makes sure to take me out for a trail run nearly every morning. The time spent outdoors with the people that I love bring balance, gratitude, and perspective to my life.

There are so many strong, inspiring, and adventurous women in the outdoors community. I am thrilled to be able to share some stoke!

Find her online:
Instagram: @brooke.froelich

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