Sea Kayaking Adventure in Patagonia

When I see girls pushing their limits and doing what they love to the best of their abilities, something clicks. Yes, I love watching guys rock at their sports. But it’s different. I don’t get the same burning fire inside; I don’t get the same intensity of wanting to exceed my current abilities that I get when I watch a fellow girl charging hard.

These girls, the ones charging and motivating, are not as publicized as they should be, especially when it comes to adventure films.


I couldn’t find a good reason. So instead of sitting back and bemoaning the lack of female representation, I decided to do my part. 

Now, to clarify, I am no professional athlete. But I am out there doing my thing as a sea kayak coach in the UK, and as an adventurer who takes on big sea kayak expeditions. On a personal level, I am doing my sport to the best of my ability. Realizing this, I started seeing that this was my avenue of inspiring other women the way they inspire me.

Sea Kayaking Adventure in Patagonia

I dreamed up my plan after picking up a map of Chile. Looking at the vast maze of fjords running down the west coast of Patagonia, my inner explorer knew this was the way I would pull off my plan. Filming a journey down this region’s coast would allow me to document the personal challenges and beauty of such a trip, a perfect storyline to start my dream of helping grow female presence in adventure films.

To make it happen, I needed a reliable team of paddlers, enough money to fund the trip and the equipment (I ended up purchasing a Nikon All Weather 1 to film in wet conditons), and most of all, determination. 

Those things achieved, my two paddling chums and I were finally on a plane, buzzing with excitement. After all of our planning, we were ready to show others our love of sea kayaking, how it is an amazing way to see the wild and remote regions that most tourists miss out on, and — after all was said and done — to get other women motivated to take on an adventure of their own.

Sea Kayaking Adventure in Patagonia

For 33 days we paddled our kayaks completely self supported. I focused on capturing both the beautiful moments, which were plentiful with the scenery we paddled through, as well as the struggles and successes of the team. I wanted people who watched the film to feel like they were on the journey with us.

It took many days editing the footage (and laughing at a lot of it due to the memories) to finally complete my first 30-minute film, and the result is below. 

The entire process has been my biggest and most challenging adventure yet. Through this, I want other women to see what is be achievable when you have the determination to make your dreams reality.
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About the author: 

Sea Kayaking Adventure in Patagonia

Erin Bastian says, “The outdoors is where I am happiest. From the mountains to the sea, I love it all. You will find me guiding sea kayaking trips on the rugged west coast of Scotland in the summer months, and skiing alpine peaks in Chamonix over the winter. I enjoy expeditions, and the more wild the better. I make films and write about my adventures in the hope that it may inspire others to make their dream adventures happen.” 

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Twitter: @erinbastian 

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