Rock climbing landscape in Washington's desert.
Washington’s dry desert promised fog-free Fall climbing.

A few of my guy friends wanted to head out for a day of climbing. With Seattle’s November fog lingering throughout the day, it was hard to think of doing anything outdoors; however, the dry desert was only a few hours east and we were willing to make the drive. I agreed to the trip and headed out. 

I have climbed on and off for many years but every time I get on rock outside, I want to do it more. This trip was no different. It was my first time in Vantage, Washington; we spent the day climbing tall basalt columns which was an entirely new experience for me. Deciding only to bring sport draws, we ascended 5.8s and 5.9s throughout the day and enjoyed each other’s company away from the dreariness of Seattle. 

The trip was a huge step for my climbing career: Because I didn’t allow the fog to dampen my climbing ambitions and instead said yes to getting outdoors, I found myself face-to-face with previous climbing challenges—then breaking through. I learned to trust my holds and muscles to push me through tough moves. 

I’m not saying I’m no longer terrified on certain routes or with difficult moves, but I am proud of where I have gotten. It used to be that if I couldn’t top out on my first try, I’d give up out of embarrassment. I’ve since realized that because my climbing partners are guys who are taller than myself, I simply have to think (and move) creatively in order to reach that next hold.

Lesson learned: Climbing is simply connecting with your body and pushing yourself to new limits.

Group hiking Lake Serene in Washington's fall fog.
Back in the foggy foliage with my outdoor crew

. . . 

What have you learned from saying “yes?” Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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