My surfboard just fell in love.

Summary: The Daylight Noserider Surfbag is a Rareform standout, with reliable construction, stunning aesthetics, and well-conceived ergonomics. Made from upcycled billboard advertising, Rareform gets a gold star for environmental responsibility and innovative design.

What: Daylight Noserider Surfbag, Size 8’0”
Where to Buy: www.rareform.com
Would I recommend to my best friend: Just did!
Rating: 4/5

Rareform Daylight Noserider Surfboard Bag Review

*Disclaimer: I am part of Outdoor Women’s Alliance’s (OWA) Bend, Oregon Grassroots Team and was sent this bag to test while on a surfing trip. I was not asked to publish a positive review in exchange for the bag, only to post my experience using it. There is no profit, of any kind, for participants or for OWA.

At OWA, our aim is to review products, publishing only those that we feel would make outdoor women happiest in the field.

Rareform Daylight Noserider Surfboard Bag ReviewWhat it is: A surfbag is essential to protect your fragile surfboard from the daily bumps and bruises of travel and storage (and protect your vehicle!). They make carrying your board easier and protect it from the suns ultraviolet rays, which can cause delamination. Essentially, quality surfboard bags, like this one, will extend the longevity of your board and help ensure its safety.

Testing Grounds: Known for big swells, wild winds, and stunning remote miles of rolling dunes, the southern Oregon coast is both underrated and unparalleled. With a six-day window for adventure, I packed up my gear and headed to Bandon, a small coastal town in this region. The cold Pacific waters here are familiar; they are the waters and beaches I grew up with.

My plan was to explore the section of coastline tucked between Bandon and Hubbard Creek. Intermittent rain flurries couldn’t detract me: a five-foot swell was expected and I was excited to zip into my wetsuit in the early morning hours.

In my venture, I navigated dune sheets, paddled tide pools wearing my dive mask, found a “singing” cave, and scaled at least one rock face. My surf bag made all this hiking much easier than carrying my board without one.

I am notoriously hard on my gear, and I expect it to preform at a high level. I value products that are aesthetically compelling, tough under pressure, and simplistic in design. Throughout this trip, this board bag proved to be all of the above.

The Daylight Noserider Surfbag was tested with my board: a Custom Rob Russo, Size 7.9.

Rareform Daylight Noserider Surfboard Bag Review


  • Heavy duty, corrosion resistant zippers
  • ¼” foam padding
  • Polyester nose protection
  • Velcro Fin slot
  • UV/heat/Water/Mildew resistant tarpaulin
  • Removable/adjustable shoulder strap


  • Sturdy material, solid construction
  • Fit my board like a glove
  • Large zippers, fluid zipper movement
  • Ample foam padding
  • No two bags are alike, each bag is unique
  • Modern, vibrant design
  • Eco-friendly, created using upcycled advertising billboards
  • High-quality construction, tarpaulin is bombproof
  • Easy to clean, no hidden nooks for salt and sand to hide
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable, well-balanced shoulder strap for hiking
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to securely close the Velcro fin slot
  • If you plan to travel you will need a more supported, travel-specific bag. This is a true ‘day bag’.
  • No interior pocket for wax and goodies

Rareform Daylight Noserider Surfboard Bag ReviewSummary:

Daylight Noserider Surfbag is a foreword-thinking, high-quality product. I love both its simplicity and functionality. The unique designs has an aesthetic gravity, being both eye-catching and trendsetting. 

This surfbag met all my needs without becoming too ‘techy’. It is solid, light, made from upcycled materials, and is comfortable on the shoulder. 

I highly recommend this surfbag to anyone with a surfboard. You won’t be disappointed!
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About the Author: Jana is an avid backcountry skier and designer based in Bend, Oregon. She is passionate about fitness, skiing, diving, surfing, and careful design. With a background in product material design Jana is fascinated with the fusion between sustainable design and the outdoor sports industry.

Find Jana online
Email: [email protected]
Instragram: @janzy_

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