SCARPA Vapor V Climbing Shoes

What: SCARPA Vapor V Climbing Shoes Why I chose it: One noticeable benefit of these shoes was the ability to get creative on the wall and try new things, a direct result of the confidence I gained in the shoes. Even on full overhangs, I didn’t have concerns that my shoes were going to slip off [...]

Outdoor Research Incandescent Hoody

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What: Outdoor Research Incandescent Hoody Why I chose it: When I got this jacket, I knew it would keep me warm (and it does—even in windy, blowing snow with double digit negative conditions), but I had no idea that it would get folks talking. People have to touch the fabric and comment on being able to [...]

Arc’teryx Atom SL Hoody


What: Arc'teryx Atom SL Hoody Why I chose it: I have packed this jacket every weekend since I got it and worn it every morning biking to work. It is an all-around wonder. The jacket is super lightweight, but still keeps the wind out and has just enough insulation around your core to keep body heat [...]

Black Diamond Creek 35 Pack

What: Black Diamond Creek 35 Pack Why I chose it: This pack has carried my climbing gear to every crag I have been to since I got it. With its comfortable design and burly, durable fabric, I have easily carried all of my heavy climbing gear up the all-too-often super steep approaches. My favorite quality about this [...]

Dynafit Trail Jacket

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What: Dynafit Trail Jacket Why I chose it: This piece is the ideal lightweight outer layer. Perfect for brisk trail runs, demanding backcountry ski tours, or windy days at the crag, this layer is one you'll find yourself not wanting to leave home without. It stuffs easily into the front pocket of a hydration vest and transitions [...]

Patagonia Houdini Jacket


What: Patagonia Houdini Jacket Why I chose it: I wear my Houdini nearly every day. It packs into a pocket and hangs from my harness on multi-pitch climbs, it's a super-light but windproof layer when traveling uphill on skis (it even helps if it is snowing lightly), and I even keep it in my purse at work [...]

Black Diamond Vector Helmet

What: Black Diamond Vector Helmet Why I chose it: A few months ago I replaced my old helmet with this one. While it costs more than some others on the market, it’s worth it (and helmets are worth investing in!). Countless reviews say you’ll forget you’re wearing it because it’s so comfortable and light, and the [...]

Arcteryx Haku Rope Bag

What: Arc'teryx Haku Rope Bag Why I chose it: As expected with Arc’teryx, the Haku has a no-nonsense, sleek design and sturdy construction. The bag is made of ripstop nylon, and the attached tarp is made of heavy nylon coated with polyurethane. It has an ingenious design that makes moving between routes a snap. The built [...]