Fighting for Protection: Browns Canyon National Monument

Two wrong turns, one U-turn and one unintended dirt-road-up-a-mountain-pass later, my friends and I piled out of my car just in time to suit up. Earlier in the year we scored a Groupon deal for rafting the Arkansas River in Colorado and the time had finally come to cash it in. Though the water was low due a pitiful winter snowpack and the summer wind [...]

OWA Reviews: Rareform Daylight Noserider Surfboard Bag

My surfboard just fell in love.Summary: The Daylight Noserider Surfbag is a Rareform standout, with reliable construction, stunning aesthetics, and well-conceived ergonomics. Made from upcycled billboard advertising, Rareform gets a gold star for environmental responsibility and innovative design.What: Daylight Noserider Surfbag, Size 8’0”Where to Buy: www.rareform.comWould I recommend to my best friend: Just did!Rating: 4/5*Disclaimer: I am part of Outdoor Women’s Alliance's (OWA) Bend, Oregon [...]

Summer Outdoor Adventure Hotspots in the UK

Kayaking amongst Cumbria's hillsPhoto: Anthony ParkesThis article was created in collaboration with High Octane Sport. The UK is often underrated when it comes to summer activity lists, with many people preferring to venture further afield to better known locations. Unbeknownst to many, there are actually loads of amazing places in the UK where one can indulge in a range of sporting pursuits. Some of these locations [...]

How to Adventure on a Student Budget

    How do you have amazing adventures while on a budget? It's a question that many people struggle with—especially students. Finances don't get much tighter than when you are in school and trying to balance life's necessities with play. While being a frugal adventurer certainly isn’t easy, it is possible.   I spent last year volunteering with AmeriCorps while earning my masters degree. Now [...]

Go Big or Go Home: Surfing through Disaster

Everything seemed alright...Hurricane gusts over 80mph may sound frightening for some people, but in the mind of a Gulf Coast surfer it means waves—and a good time. Growing up with two older brothers, I learned to live life by the motto “go big or go home," so on September 1st 2008, when Hurricane Gustav hit Anna Maria Island, Florida, I took the opportunity to surf.It [...]

It’s Okay to Swim (But It’s More Fun to Roll) [Photos]

  Adrenaline rush. Excitement. Frustration. These are all words that I use to define whitewater kayaking. Sometimes the best way to make it through all of these emotions (and the rapids) is with a friend. When I first started kayaking, I was taught how to roll in flat water and that was about it. The rest I had to figure out by doing—and it wasn't [...]

5 Inspired Pins: Surf, Sand & Stoke [Photos]

Surfing the MaldivesThere’s something about surfing that grabs your attention: the beauty of the water, the serenity of the sunsets, the adrenaline of catching the perfect wave—it all adds to to an enviable lifestyle. But what to do when you're landlocked? We've got the next best thing: surf, sand, and stoke pinned all over our Pinterest board. Get a taste with the following pins:The surf culture [...]

Hiking (& Plunging) in Hawaii’s Bamboo Forest: the Na’ili’ili-Haele in Maui

Listen to the sounds of Na’ili’ili-Haele:Clickety clack, wind in the bamboo forest.Whoosh, a rushing waterfall.Me quietly weeping before jumping off a giant cliff into the icy water below…-Lisa on her latest Hawaiian adventure. . . My husband Josh and I recently made a leap from living in Canada to island life in Hawaii and as such, were in need of finding adventure in this completely new [...]

OWA Reviews: Columbia Omnifreeze Powerdrain Shoe [Video]

Columbia Powerdrain Cool shoes: can they keep your feet comfortable in wet conditions?   What: Columbia Sportswear Powerdrain Cool footwear with Omnifreeze ZERO Where to Buy: Perfect for: hikers who aren't sure what the trail (or day's weather) will bring; watersports enthusiasts   *Disclaimer: I received these shoes from Columbia as part of the #omniten program. I was not asked to publish anything in exchange [...]

Danger in the Surf

Photo: Brocken InagloryJobi Manson is a self-described surfer, artist, and activist. She's traveled extensively to capture the beauty that makes up the worldwide surfing culture. Find her talented work on her site; connect with her via Twitter.  This is her story of respecting the power of the element she loves. . . .July 3rd2011. Manhattan Beach, California. I am preparing for Aviator Nation’s 2nd flagship store opening. Having just [...]