We Are Not Broken: Healing Through Outdoor Empowerment

words by Traci Saor :: The kayak wobbled. Her paddle hit the water and splashed muddy brown water over her and into the cockpit. “This is scary,” Danielle* whispered to herself as she began her first kayak excursion. Frightening as it was to paddle into the unknown, Danielle was no stranger to fear. With the help of her boss and a local agency, Danielle [...]

Paddling through Fear: Finding Peace on the River

words and photos by Kathie Green :: The raft was unpacked, the fire was crackling. I crouched on the sand, adjusting my camera to capture the stars. As I clicked my shutter for a thirty-second exposure, my situation became suddenly clear: the stars shone in the night sky, the nearly full moon climbed behind me, and the Arkansas River shone under its reflection. [...]

Leave No Trace: Correcting Common Beliefs in the Wild

Illustration by Lisa Kowieski “Ladies first,” the hiker said, stepping off the trail and gesturing to the thin strip of rooty ground next to the swampy trail. He watched in bemusement as our group of women splashed straight through the mud and puddles, chattering to each other about the best place to dig a cathole. I do this frequently: walk through puddles and talk [...]

Diving for Diversity: Preserving Ocean Ecosystems

words by Hannah Passamonte; photos submitted by Dahlia Hassell Picture the top of a dormant volcano covered in rainforest, rising dramatically from the blue Caribbean Sea and you’ll find yourself dreaming of Saba. Traveling to Saba means flying 12 minutes on a commuter plane from the neighboring island of St. Maarten, and landing on the shortest commercial runway in the world. One road connects the [...]

Source-to-Sound: Winter Paddle on the Roanoke

words by Samantha Proctor; photos by Thomas Briley We watched the sun set full of pinks and oranges as we discussed the final details of our trip. We were about to paddle 120-plus miles on the Roanoke River. Our 16.5-foot touring kayaks would take us from  the source of the Roanoke at Weldon, North Carolina to the Albemarle Sound, where the Roanoke, Chowan [...]

Six Women and the Largest Ocean

photos by Natalia Cohenwords by Emily Downing The women plunged into the crystalline depths. Nothing but miles of sky above them and miles of water below, they bobbed around their eight-metre-long rowboat, a pink speck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They’d been immersed in that vastness for months, and their journey would stretch months longer into the foreseeable future. Known as [...]

The Only Girl: Surfing & Kiteboarding Cape Hatteras

Growing up on North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Ellisa Thompson is a woman that enjoys all the area has to offer. The region gave her the opportunity to immerse herself in many outdoor activities, including kiteboarding and surfing. But she was often a minority, being one of the few — or only — girls amongst her peers pursuing ocean adventure. And then there were [...]

Amy Hatch: Packrafter, Entrepreneur & Mom

  After the Alaskan newspaper she was working for went bankrupt, Amy Hatch says she had a moment of sudden clarity. "It started with that moment of thinking, 'Wouldn't it be cool if...?'" In that period of collapse came possibility, and since then, Amy hasn't looked back. Last year, she launched an independently-sourced outdoor supply company called Garage Grown Gear. The company sells brands like [...]

A Local’s Guide to Paddling North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Words and photos: Samantha ProctorRecreation is abundant in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. People travel from all over the world to play in these waters of my home state. These barrier islands, which are nothing but long slivers of sandbars, create beautiful scenery for every imaginable water sport. Play boat or surf in the waves, paddle board on flatwater, strap your feet onto a kite board, or just float in a tube. If you lack equipment, rent [...]

She Did It: Following a Dream of Filming Adventure

When I see girls pushing their limits and doing what they love to the best of their abilities, something clicks. Yes, I love watching guys rock at their sports. But it's different. I don’t get the same burning fire inside; I don't get the same intensity of wanting to exceed my current abilities that I get when I watch a fellow girl charging hard.These girls, [...]