Suspension: How a Bridge Helped Me Cross My Fears

Riding the gondola to the top of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Photo and words: Lisa Kowieski 10:00 a.m. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Golden, British Columbia: Rain is coming down hard and the fog and heavy rain clouds have hidden the mountain range in a thick blanket of gray. Four of us are raised into a clearing in the middle of it; the 360-degree [...]

Photo Essay: Havasupai, Land of the Blue Green Water

Havasu Falls at dusk. The stretch of waterfalls along Arizona's Havasu Creek in the Havasupai Indian Reservation are well known for their intense beauty and incredible colors. An offshoot of the Grand Canyon and part of the Colorado River system, the area's unearthly turquoise waters are sacred to the Havasupai people through whom it is said these waters flow. Lindsey soaks in [...]

Garibaldi Lake: Alpine Hiking, Glacier Views

We stood at the top of the ridge, staring down the luge track carved in the glacier by the brave souls that went before us. With only a moment of hesitation, my friend, Laura, took her place at the top and pushed off. One at a time we followed, flying down 90 metres of ice and snow, catching air and ending in a pile of [...]

Building Character in Quebec: Ski Touring Monts-Valin

words and photos: Lindsay Kuczera Getaway is a word that can be interpreted in many ways. It could conjure up destinations of surf and sand, forests or summits. It could mean a fresh breath and perspective. And for some, it could mean struggle and willing to submit to pain. When seven of my friends and I headed into Canada’s boreal forest this winter, [...]

Unstoppable: Backcountry Skiing while Pregnant

words by Ryan Scavo; photos by Ryan Scavo unless otherwise credited When my husband and I shared our annual hut trip plans with friends and family, we were met with mixed reactions. My parents and in-laws thought I was crazy and urged me to “be careful” and “don’t overdo it.” However, our ski-crazed friends from back East called the hut managers and booked [...]

Solo Bike Touring: Discovering Myself in Haida Gwaii

photos and words by Molly Mew :: Cycling brings people together. It’s why I began biking and how I’ve met some of my closest friends. It’s what I encourage others to do every day at the shop where I work. Despite this conviction, going on long rides alone always seemed daunting, as if it took some of the fun—the social aspect of biking—out [...]

Sand Dunes National Park by Sled

Words and photos by Kersten Vasey My friend and I were having our usual midweek discussion that revolved around plans for the weekend's adventure. Weekend at Copper? Potentially. Tetons? A bit far. Camping in Sand Dunes National Park? Intriguing. I had just moved from Boston to Colorado and was ready to explore. But it was November, that awkward time of year when the snow [...]

1​0 Best Canadian Explorations: The Locals’ View asked our Canadian community to share their favorite spots to explore around Canada. Canada: a land with fewer people, more land, and a never-ending menu of adventure. Look east to the Maritimes’ misty shorelines whispering with history; follow the land west, moving through every clime imaginable. Canada’s expanse holds variation: rainforests and deserts, glaciers and baked beaches. If you want it, it’s here. But, [...]

Side Trip: Utah’s Goblin Valley

Photo: CC Greg Willis with graphic overlay by Outdoor Women's AllianceGo somewhere you've heard very little about. In fact, go somewhere most people know very little about. The excitement of adventure travel isn't in visiting the same sites as others. Sure, that has value; it comes in bonding over shared experiences and ticking off bucket list items. But a deeper connection waits for those who want the unexpected. These [...]

Skiing Silverton’s Steeps

All photos in this story were taken by Malinda Gillispie and used with permission.Silverton ski area in Colorado's San Juan Mountains provides a backcountry experience within a controlled setting. With only one ski lift, and only accessible for most of the season via a Silverton guide, for many skiers, skiing at Silverton is an entirely different experience."You could die here today! This is not a regular [...]