Saying Yes: Doing More, Regretting Less

words and photos by Kersten Vasey “You need to slow down,” my boss says every Monday morning, like clockwork. “What was it this time?” she asks. I answer and she grimaces. The more “extreme” the activity or farther away the weekend destination, the more she shudders as she thinks about the miles my Honda Element accumulates. “You’re going to get sick.” I shrug [...]

Grand Parcours: Helping Women Climb Mountains

words by Tanya Naville; photos by Guillaume Borga While the media may create a perception that women are not present in alpinism, the French Alpine Club demonstrates otherwise. Each June, the Grand Parcours takes place at Chamonix Mont-Blanc. The multi-day event, offered by the French Alpine Club, is an opportunity for both beginners to learn the basics of mountaineering and for seasoned mountaineers to further develop their skills. And [...]

Solo Hike: Finding fortitude on the Presidential Traverse

words and photos by Ashleigh McEuen :: My packed bag sits by my door. My alarm, set for 4 a.m., is unnecessary: I am drifting anxiously in and out of slumber due to an unfounded fear of twisting my ankle. In the morning, I’ll set out to complete the Presidential Traverse as my first solo overnighter. Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the [...]

Leave No Trace: Correcting Common Beliefs in the Wild

Illustration by Lisa Kowieski “Ladies first,” the hiker said, stepping off the trail and gesturing to the thin strip of rooty ground next to the swampy trail. He watched in bemusement as our group of women splashed straight through the mud and puddles, chattering to each other about the best place to dig a cathole. I do this frequently: walk through puddles and talk [...]

Photo Essay: Havasupai, Land of the Blue Green Water

Havasu Falls at dusk. The stretch of waterfalls along Arizona's Havasu Creek in the Havasupai Indian Reservation are well known for their intense beauty and incredible colors. An offshoot of the Grand Canyon and part of the Colorado River system, the area's unearthly turquoise waters are sacred to the Havasupai people through whom it is said these waters flow. Lindsey soaks in [...]

Altitude Sickness on Cotopaxi: A Story and Reference Guide

I awoke early to meet Juan Carlos, a guide on Cotopaxi, an active volcano in Ecuador. My friend, Patricio, and I were to follow Juan Carlos to the refuge and beyond, heading to the first glacier on a scouting trip. We planned on ascending 16,000 feet of Cotopaxi's 19,347 that day. Having been born and partially raised in Ecuador, and spending most of my adult life [...]

“There Are No Bad Hikers” (and Other Lessons for Adventure Families)

The clouds are popcorning in the sky. So far, the deep grey of rain is holding off and the sun still shines warm on our faces. "It doesn't even look like it's going to rain!” Anibel says, turning to me. “I am so excited!" We are headed into the Sawatch Range of Colorado for our annual women’s fourteener backpacking trip. Seeing this group of women [...]

1​0 Best Canadian Explorations: The Locals’ View asked our Canadian community to share their favorite spots to explore around Canada. Canada: a land with fewer people, more land, and a never-ending menu of adventure. Look east to the Maritimes’ misty shorelines whispering with history; follow the land west, moving through every clime imaginable. Canada’s expanse holds variation: rainforests and deserts, glaciers and baked beaches. If you want it, it’s here. But, [...]

Summer Skiing in the Cascades: A Photo Essay

Words and photos: Radka Chapin In Washington, deep snowpack and generally cool spring temperatures make it possible to enjoy skiing year round. The days are longer, warmer and sunnier. Powder transforms into corn and terrain is easier to access as roads resurface from winter’s covering. Inspired by a trip report from a local hiking forum, my husband and I set out on an exploratory tour [...]

Arab Woman On Track to Climb 7 Summits

Bouchra Baibanou, a software engineer from Rabat, is working her way toward being the first Moroccan woman to summit the highest point on each of the world's continents, known as the "7 Summits". She hopes to use this project to continue inspiring young Moroccans to rise up and accomplish their goals. Though Baibanou may seem like an everyday lady – mother, wife, middle-aged woman who works full [...]