Your Year in Review: Moving Forward into the New Year

words by Tiffiny Costello   Only a few moments of the year left; how did you do? What did you see? Where did you go? Who did you meet? How often have you stopped to consider the things you can celebrate and be thankful for, large or small? Here is an idea: Open up your phone and jump onto Instagram, Facebook, or just your phone's [...]

Wylder Goods: Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good

Photo: Aly Niklas “Starting a business is no easy task,” Elliot says. “It is by far one of the most committed things I’ve ever done. [You can’t] go into it shy or undecided.” Jainee Dial and Lindsey Elliot know a thing or two about sacrifice. The women behind Wylder Goods, a new online marketplace for women’s outdoor gear, are familiar with early mornings [...]

5 First Time Bike Buying Tips for Women

words by Kayla Montanye When shopping for my first road bike, I found myself lost in a sea of lingo, gadgets, and equipment. I was unprepared for all of the questions the nearly all-male staff at the bike shop had for me. “Are you looking for aluminum or carbon?” “What size do you think you need?” “Do you want to be clipped in [...]

GQ Style: You Took Climbing & Made it Into Sexist Advertising

Climber: Pamela Shanti Pack Photo: @jasongebauerphotography An open letter to GQ Style editors There are many reasons behind climbing’s growing popularity. It can be an accessible leisure option or an extreme adventure in the wild—and it looks good on camera. Us climbers can be protective of our discipline, but it’s so good that we feel compelled to share it. That’s why seeing [...]

Scientific Adventure: Greenland’s Caves & Climate Change

photos by Robbie Shone   Gina Moseley returned home after a one-of-a-kind adventure. Her journey was sparked by a mission: to reconstruct the climate change history of Greenland. To do so, she, along with her team, planned to go deep into a remote system of caves and retrieve samples from ice cores. Through these, she hoped to study the past and understand the [...]

Climate Change: It Goes Deeper than Snowpack

words by Annie Agle, speaker at the December 2015 United Nations' COP 21 talks in Paris. Women stand to suffer more acutely from climate change. In 2012, various gangs saw Hurricane Sandy, a climate disaster event, as an opportunity to increase trafficking of young girls in and out of New York City ports as law enforcement agencies were overwhelmed with disaster relief. Further, [...]

Charlotte Austin: Adventure Writer & Mountain Guide

Charlotte Austin balances an intensely physical world — worldwide guiding with International Mountain Guides (IMG) — with her creative side — writing (a lot). Her work in the latter has been featured in Alpinist, Blue Water Sailing, Mountain Magazine, Seattle Met, and The American Alpine Journal. She is the editor of The Better Bombshell, a feminist anthology published in 2012. Photo: Genevieve Hathaway. This [...]

Shadow of Half Dome: Yosemite’s Burden

Half Dome rises like a tombstone from the densely forested floor of Yosemite Valley. From the vantage of Glacier Point, the towering rock looks its full height, topping off just short of 2,700 meters. It’s here, on the roof of Yosemite National Park, that the valley reveals its catalog of natural wonders: a panorama that includes Half Dome — and a thick layer of smog.  Upon close [...]

Into the Backcountry: Jones Snowboards’ Halina Boyd

Photo: Moss Halladay Halina Boyd and friends while backcountry snowboarding in Japan “There’s nothing like getting [into the backcountry] ... and taking ownership of [it]," says Halina Boyd, a splitboard athlete for Jones Snowboards, when asked about transitioning into the backcountry. Photo: David Bowers Boyd started skiing as a young girl in Tahoe, California but switched to snowboarding when she was 10 years [...]

Protect Public Lands

Compiled by Laurie Tewksbury for Outdoor Women's Alliance Do you think about who controls access to the lands you recreate on? In the United States:* 71% of climbing exists on public lands. 43% of paddling exists on public lands. 193,500 miles of hiking trails exist on public lands. 12,659 miles of biking trails exist on public lands. Essentially, if you’re a hiker, biker, [...]