About OWA

Outdoor Women's Alliance is a nonprofit media and adventure collective that encourages, educates, and engages females in adventure sports worldwide.

Earth Day Series: Stories that Seek Balance

In this Earth Day series, we collect stories from women in our community showing appreciation for the natural world, our place in it + strides to protect it.

Fresh Starts Series

Fresh Starts Push the reset button on fears. In this series, authors explore challenges that held them back + how they worked with them to realize stronger versions of themselves.

Solo Hike: Finding fortitude on the Presidential Traverse

words and photos by Ashleigh McEuen :: My packed bag sits by my door. My alarm, set for 4 a.m., is unnecessary: I am drifting anxiously in and out of slumber due to an unfounded fear of twisting my ankle. In the morning, I’ll set out to complete the Presidential Traverse as my first solo overnighter. Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the [...]

Adventure Partner: The Love and Loss of a Dog

words by Cassidy Randall :: As my friend Linsey and I get in the truck to drive to the trailhead, I feel like I’m forgetting something. We’re headed out for a backpacking trip in the Mission Mountain Tribal Wilderness Area of Montana, and for the first time, I’m leaving my dog Alta at home. It’s clear she’s now too old to accompany me on [...]

Climbing Photography: Snapping Through a Fear of Heights

words and photos by Shani Leead :: A few years ago, if you asked if I would scramble to the top of a rock formation, I would have looked at you like you were nuts. I’m terrified of heights, specifically if it entails a life-threatening level of exposure. I am also clumsy and leave most physical activity with bruises. But on a recent trip to Joshua [...]

We Are Not Broken: Healing Through Outdoor Empowerment

words by Traci Saor :: The kayak wobbled. Her paddle hit the water and splashed muddy brown water over her and into the cockpit. “This is scary,” Danielle* whispered to herself as she began her first kayak excursion. Frightening as it was to paddle into the unknown, Danielle was no stranger to fear. With the help of her boss and a local agency, Danielle [...]

Risk Analysis: Navigating Mental Hurdles after the Injury

words by Alexandra Pierce ::   “You had worse crashes when you were more hurt and you ended up okay,” I say to myself. Standing in the shower, I wrap my hands around the back of my neck as the water pours over my forehead. I repeat the mantra: “You had worse crashes when you were more hurt and you ended up okay.” I [...]

Paddling through Fear: Finding Peace on the River

words and photos by Kathie Green :: The raft was unpacked, the fire was crackling. I crouched on the sand, adjusting my camera to capture the stars. As I clicked my shutter for a thirty-second exposure, my situation became suddenly clear: the stars shone in the night sky, the nearly full moon climbed behind me, and the Arkansas River shone under its reflection. [...]

Girl Beta in Bishop: A Weekend with Flash Foxy

They waited, mouses poised, hoping to score one of 200 spots. Within one minute of ticket sales opening, the second annual Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival was sold out. Those who secured a spot would be on their way to Bishop, California in the first weekend of March to meet female climbers from across the country. The demand was high because the festival answered a [...]

Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival: We Grow Together

words: Laura Grieser. Photo: Instagram My voice wavered as I told my boyfriend I was headed to Colorado for a weekend of ice climbing. “It’s an all-women's trip,” I said. “I’ll make friends.” He laughed. I’m not a climber, and I’ve never expressed interest in climbing. But off I went, taking ferries, hopping planes, and carpooling with strangers so I could [...]