Meet the Team

Gina Bégin - Founder
Gina Bégin - Founder
Executive Director
Social Media
The concept of using adventure sports as a tool to empower women came to Gina after returning west from her Florida home state. In Utah, she watched others’ confidence grow with their participation in individually-focused sports. Thinking of Florida and her experience in underserved communities, Gina realized an adventure program for girls would help reroute many young women from risky paths to positive avenues of self-value.
In 2007, while developing this idea, adult peers asked to join her in local, women-only outings. Due to demand and her desire to create a foundational, female-focused space to assist with access to the outdoors, Outdoor Women’s Alliance grew to include women everywhere, regardless of age, location, or skill level.
Gina majored in geographic information + environmental sciences, but works in adventure photography and writing, as well as digital marketing strategy. ;) She is the Executive Director of Outdoor Women’s Alliance, editor-in-chief for OWA’s editorial mentorship program, and directs the organization’s social media program.
She loves mighty bear hugs; dancing to underground hip hop + 1940s swing; and eating all the southern food ever.

Editorial Program

Emily Downing
Emily DowningManaging Editor
Emily is the managing editor of Outdoor Women’s Alliance’s Editorial Mentorship Program. She stumbled across OWA in the fall of 2014 while on a mission to find a way to increase the presence of female writers and photographers in outdoor media. After contributing a couple of stories to OWA, Emily started taking a hand in editorial tasks and developing the Editorial Mentorship program.
Emily received a bachelor’s of the arts in Print Journalism from the University of Montana, with a minor in Wilderness Studies. After graduating in 2012, she began working in the ski industry while living briefly in New Zealand. Following the snow back to Montana, Emily settled in Whitefish and began working as a hiking and rafting guide in Glacier National Park. Now, she spends winters working as a cat skiing guide and chasing her friends uphill in her spare time.
Her next big challenge? Packing her gear and her year-old, border-collie-lab-mix puppy into her ’03 Forester and moving back to her home state of Colorado to pursue a graduate degree in Integrative and Public Lands Management at Western State University.
Grace Olscamp
Grace OlscampEditorial
Grace has lived in the midwest, northeast, west coast, and abroad. She can be found petting every dog she sees on the trail, at the crag, or on the way to the water. She meditates, uses her turn signal, and focuses on environmental policy.
Haley Littleton
Haley LittletonEditorial
Haley is a writer, skier instructor, and trail runner based out of Dillon, Colorado. She’s also an avid art-viewing, story-telling, mountain-climbing, and traveling fiend.

Grassroots Program

Allie Kresen
Allie KresenGrassroots Program Director
Allie is a West Virginia native who lives by the state’s motto “Wild & Wonderful.” She is happiest when the sun is on her face and mountain peaks are in her view. She loves backpacking but can also often be found on a paddle board or swinging from a rope into the lake—from the water to the woods, she enjoys all activities that get her outdoors.
Allie joined OWA as Program Director and, along with helping to develop and manage our online Grassroots Program, she works with OWA’s Grassroots Team Leaders to plan, promote, and grow their local communities of outdoor women. Allie graduated with a bachelor’s of science in Sustainable Design with an added minor in Recreation, Parks, Tourism, and Resource Management. Her experience includes formulating trip models, guiding beginner-level participants in outdoor sports, and risk management.
On her days off, she is probably snuggling up with her two cats and a good cup of coffee (or maybe a burrito).
Rachael Rose Denis
Rachael Rose DenisGrassroots Program Manager
Having grown up in wild spaces, for Rachael, being outside is the same as going home. “I find inspiration and connection here,” she says. “Being outside is necessary for my soul.” She feels lucky to be part of a group of like-minded individuals with OWA.

Grassroots Team Leaders

Amy Weiss
Amy WeissSea to Sky, BC
Annie Lawson
Annie LawsonColorado Front Range
Denver Bauter
Denver BauterWasatch Front
Elisabeth Seward
Elisabeth SewardCentral Oregon
Erin Pryor
Erin PryorCentral Oregon
Genny Mae Rowed
Genny Mae RowedSea to Sky, BC
Kayleen Castelli
Kayleen CastelliColorado Front Range
Maria Paspuel
Maria PaspuelWasatch Front

OWA Partnerships + Projects

Glynnis Gorman
Glynnis GormanPartnerships Manager
Glynnis is originally from Seattle but left the city life a few years ago for an opportunity to manage a remote ranch in Central Idaho about 30 miles from Sun Valley. She now lives at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains in a small town with a population of 67 people.
She has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Sierra Nevada College at Lake Tahoe and a Certificate in Digital Brand Management from Oregon State University. She thrives on timelines and delivering projects that make partners happy. Being late scares her.
Previous work experiences include: lifeguarding, office assistance, managing properties for the rich and famous, and traveling the country as a project manager for Nike clients.
In her free time she loves exploring wild, untouched places. She is an avid hiker, biker, split-boarder, runner, and animal lover.

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